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Member Sponsorships, which are $50 biannually, guarantee your listing every month in The Breeze, as well as regular membership in GVCC.

The price of biannual Jersey Sponsorships, which provide you with Member Sponsorship benefits as well as a place on our jersey, varies according to placement of your logo on the GVCC jersey. They will be available when the club places its next jersey order.



Chad L. Newsome
530 Peck Street
Manchester, NH 03101


Nietzsche said “Once you get clear on your WHY, there’s nothing that can stand in your way.”, and he was RIGHT. The challenges seem a little easier… The obstacles seem smaller… And life? Starts to get good.

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The Goleta Valley Cycling Club is a recreational elliptical cycling club located in the Santa Barbara area of Southern California. Review your ride.