Club Projects

The majority of the Goleta Valley Cycling club income from membership dues and the People Powered Ride is spent to promote cycling in the Santa Barbara/Goleta area. Club members also regularly volunteer their time in support of local activities which involve and/or promote all forms of cycling activity.

Our activities include:

  • Financial support of the fine work of the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition.
  • Purchase and donation of bikes to local youth.
  • Purchase and donation of bike helmets and flashing tail lights to local bikers, with emphasis on youth recipients.
  • Adoption of the Obern Trail bike path between UCSB and Hope Ranch. Regularly scheduled cleanup and fixup days are scheduled in the club calendar. Tools are provided. Everyone is welcome. It’s fun!
  • Volunteer service for local charity events such as the Santa Barbara Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour and Fest.
  • Sponsor and support of Santa Barbara Bike Week .

The Goleta Valley Cycling Club is a recreational elliptical cycling club located in the Santa Barbara area of Southern California. Review your ride.